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2017 - Agni Controls was awarded the BEST VENDOR for the year 2016-17 by Gas Turbine Division, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd – Hyderabad.

1985 –M/s. Kumar Mechno / Agni Controls Established as Custom Built Panel Manufacturer.

1987 – Started to Manufacture Conventional Fire Alarm Panel.

1988 – Started to provide Gas Based Extinguishing Systems as a specialized Fire Protection Engineering Company.

1991 – Developed Special Infra Red Technology Spark Detectors for protecting Ducts.

1993 – Developed Special Probe Type Heat Detector for Paint Booths, Kitchen Hood and Battery compartments.

2003 – Developed  bala-wa SERIES.. Water Mist System.

2003 – Developed Gas Weight Monitoring Device suitable for Gas Based Systems.

2003 – Introduced the brand Name bala-wa SERIES.. for the CO2 Gas Based Systems & Components.

2004 – Developed Ultra-Violet & Infra Red type Flame & Ember Detectors.

2005 – Introduced the brand Name fladet SERIES.. for all Special Application Products – Flame/Ember/ Spark/ Heat Detectors.

2006 – Introduced  Fully Integrated & Tested Cylinder Bank Assembly.

2008 – Introduced  Defao  SERIES.. Localised detection & extinguishing system.

2010 – Introduced Inert Gas Fire Suppression system under the brand bala-wa-100/541/55 series…

2010- Developed bala-wa mist SERIES.. High/Intermediate/Modular type Water Mist System .

2011 – Revived the bala-wa-mist water mist system for Larger application.

2011 – Developed Modular type Detection & Control Extinguishing system

2011 – 3rd Manufacturing unit in Chennai is established with more than 15,000 Sq.ft covered facility for special application products production.

2012 – Developed & Successfully commercialized Cabinet type of Cylinder Bank arrangement.

2013 – Manufactured, Installed & Commissioned the biggest ever CO2 Fire Suppression system with over 600 cylinders.

2014 – Developed & Successfully commercialized India's 1st ever Air-Conditioned container type of CO2 Cylinder bank.

2014 – Received Marking for IH153ES – IR Ember Detector.

2015 – Received Marking for IH226 UV IR Flame Detector.